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Tuesday 2nd October 1984
Nimrod Reznik walks to the Chapel side house early in the morning and gives Amit explicit instructions.
“Tonight I will be meeting Joel Lipman at Speaker’s Corner, at 7.00 pm. When he leaves the Ivy House hotel book in for the night using the British, Juliet Barney passport.

When you are in the hotel, enter Joel’s room, it is 312, and place this bag under his bed. He will be getting a little test tomorrow.” Nimrod gave a laugh as he said this.

Amit was suddenly struck with the fact Nimrod had the same type of laugh as Craney, a cackle, though she did not comment on the matter.

The bag contained drugs. “I will keep him occupied for two hours so you have plenty of time. We will be discussing his future, whether we should get him into journalism in the USA or a job here in the Embassy.  Just do not go down to breakfast in the morning in case he sees you.”

Nimrod did not need to go to these lengths, he merely wants her to do this as a training exercise but as with many things Nimrod does he holds part of the whole story back.

Amit is very pleased, this is the first time Nimrod has taken her into his confidence regarding the planning and future of others.
“Will I be going alone or will Yoav being checking in with me?”
“If you want Yoav to go with you, contact him. If you want to do it yourself, do it yourself, I will leave it up to you. Stay in your room until I phone you and tell you to check out.” He now leaves the matter entirely in her hands.

Wednesday 3rd October 1984David Craney enters the Israeli Embassy at the appointed time. A young man and a young woman are waiting to meets him. “Ah, you are a guest of Mr Reznik, we have been expecting you. You will receive a short tour of the building then we have a very special surprise for you.”

“Follow me” says the young girl, “We can only show you a very small part of the Embassy even we do not have access to the whole building.”
He is lead into a very large room, “This is the function room for VIP `s, next we will visit the Ambassador’s office, then the Ambassador’s dining room.”

He is swiftly lead from one room to another, when the reach the dining room the young man smilingly says, “Now we have a surprise, take a seat at the table.” Craney notices the three places are set for dinner. “I will go and get your surprise.”
The young girl sits down and gestures for Craney to sit as well. The young man returns with dinner plates, “Beef Stroganoff for three from Orange street.” He sets two plates on the table and goes to fetch his own.
“It is very good food, we are pleased you told us about the restaurant in Orange street“, the girl laughs, “feel free to eat, we are paying for it.”

As Craney and the two guides are finishing their meal at the Embassy, Joel Lipman receives a phone call in his room from reception. The receptionist said politely, “There are two men here to se you Mr Lipman.” Joel was elated, he was expecting Nimrod and Yoav to call about the important task which was hinted at the night before.

He rushed down the stairs to the reception in the entrance hallway. There he saw two strangers smartly dressed in suits. He thought nothing amiss when one of the men said, “ Could we speak to you outside please Mr Lipman.”

When they stepped out onto the outside doorsteps of the hotel the man said, “Mr Lipman you are under arrest, we would like you to accompany us to the station, please do not cause a scene.” Joel was stunned, a car which was sitting down the street pulled up and the man said please get in the back. Joel pliantly does as he is bid, the man doing the speaking got into the front passenger seat and the other man got into the back with him.

The man sitting beside him said, “When we stop at the traffic lights please do not think of trying to jump out, the door s are all locked and you will only be thumped unnecessarily.”
Joel looked at the man in a state of disbelief. “You are going to Paddington Green Police Station just in case you are wondering!” The man in the front jovially said, “You will be out in no time if every thing goes well.” Joel now felt angry at them man’s flippant attitude.

When they reached the station Joel is booked in and everything he is carrying is taken noted and sealed in an envelope. “One watch, one wallet containing £25.00 a credit card and 3 pounds 46 pence in change and one hotel door key,” the sergeant at the check in desk mechanically said, “Please sign here Mr Lipman, this will all be returned when you leave.”
“If you leave,” butted in one of the arresting officers.

After Joel signed the form the larger of the two detectives said sharply, “Please come this way.”
They led Joel along what seemed to be a maze of corridors turning left, right, right, left, left, left then reaching a door with the number 32 upon it he was told, “This is the room for you.”

Joel and the detectives entered a very basic room with one desk a chair on one side and two chairs on the other. The Formica topped table was bare except for what seen to be some sort of machine near the wall.
“You do the needful Jack and I will get us some tea. What would you like to drink Mr Lipman, tea? coffee? juice?”
“Nothing” said Joel glumly. The detective responds, “Don’t be silly I will get you a coffee, if you do not wish to drink it that is OK.”

“Right Bill, you get the drinks and I will get the paperwork started.” Joel watched him press a switch on the machine and the man started to speak. Detective Bill Gains and Detective Jack Henderson are now in interview room 32 with with the suspect Mr Joel Lipman, could you please confirm your name Mr Lipman?”

Joel instantly knew the man had started a tape machine the interview is being recorded. “Yes” said Joel tersely. The man gestured at him with his hands, “Please state your full name Mr Lipman.”
“My name is Joel Lipman” was the immediate response.

The interview door was kicked and the man immediately stopped the tape. The other man entered the room and placed a cup of tea down for his colleague and a cup of coffee down for Joel, saying, ”There is your tea Bill and there is your coffee Joel. I will be back in a minute, I have only got one pair of hands.”
“Thanks Jack, this is our usual tea-time Joel, we do not like to miss our tea, take a drink it is safe, we do not put drugs in people’s coffee, we are British, we do not do things like that.”

Joel stared at him, then took a sip of coffee.
When the other man returned carrying his own tea Bill switched on the machine and said “Detective Bill Gains, I am going to read the suspect his legal rights, he read the due rights of a leaflet, looked at Joel and said, “Do you understand your rights?” Joel nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Right Mr Lipman were are you from? It was now the man called Jack asking questions while the other sipped his tea.
“Israel” was the reply.
Jack;” Where about in Israel Mr Lipman?
Joel; “Beersheba.”
Jack; “How long have you been in the UK?”
Joel; “About five weeks”
Jack; “Where have been living for those five weeks?”
Joel; “At the hotel you took me from.”
Jack; “Do you recommend the hotel?” Joel looked at him.
Jack; “This was an attempt at a joke by Det Jack Henderson, I am tying to lighten the mood and put the suspect at ease”
Joel looked at him furiously.

Jack; “What is your reason or reasons for being in the UK Mr. Lipman?”
Joel; “My uncle is arranging employment for me.”
Jack; “What is you uncle’s name?”
Joel; “Mr Nimrod Reznik.”
Jack; “And what does you uncle do?”
Joel;” He owns a small printers and he knows a few people in journalism, he is trying to get me a start in journalism, or give me a job working in his firm until I get a job as a journalist.”
Bill; “Are you aware that many journalists are in fact spies Mr Lipman?”
Joel: “No, I was not aware of that.”
Bill; “Many people are not aware of that fact Joel BUT WE ARE, aren’t we Jack?” Jack smiled looking at Joel.

Bill; “Gives us a run down of your movements over the last five weeks Joel?”
Joel; Shaking his head, ”I can’t, I need time to think.”
Jack; “Don’t worry Joel, you and us have plenty of time, and we are getting paid for it, you just think for a while then you can start telling us what you have been doing the last five weeks. You can start by telling us why you chose to stay in that particular hotel. Could your uncle not have put you up?”

Joel rubbed his chin and started to think.
“Take your time” Jack smilingly said to him.
After a few minutes silence Joel starts to speak, “I wanted to stay in a flat or hotel to have more freedom of movement, I can go out an in as I please without my uncle asking me where I am going all the time.” The two detectives nod, “Sounds reasonable, I felt that way when I was younger ,” says Jack.
“The reason I picked that hotel was because it was the one offering me the best financial deal.”
“That sounds reasonable too,” Jack nodded as he went on, “And did your uncle check out the hotel for you before you arrived?”
Joel; Yes he did.”

The two detectives looked at one another raising their eyebrows. “Right Detectives Bill Gains and Jack Henderson ending interview one with suspect Joel Lipman, it is now 17:36 pm, Wednesday 3rd October 1984,” said Gains switching of the tape machine.
“OK Joel you will be going to one of her majesties nice comfortable cells for a while and we will start looking into some things. That was not too bad was it? You can take your coffee with you.”

Henderson went to the door and called out, “Could you please take Mr Lipman to a holding cell constable, thank you very much.”
“We will see you later Joel,” said Gains and the two men left the room.
Joel found himself in a cell with a raised four legged couch in the middle of the floor. He was amazed at how calm he felt but he was also aware of his inability to think coherently. He lay down on the raised couched and tried to think things through.

After an hour he tries to sleep but he cannot. He gets up and paces around the small cell. As he is doing this he hears the keys at the lock and instantly thinks they have been in touch with Nimrod and I am going to be released, he is jubilant.
A constable come in with a tray sitting on it is two polystyrene containers, “Here is your dinner.” Joel is crestfallen, he had really expected and wanted to be released.

After sitting with his head in his hands for a few minutes he starts to eat the dinner. Twenty minutes later the constable returns and gives him a cup of tea.
Joel drinks the tea lies down on the couch and wonders what is going on!

At 8.30pm the door is opened and the constable orders Joel “Come with me please.” He is taken back to the interview room.
The detectives asks him how he is and tell him to sit down. Bill Gains than starts the tape notes the time goes through the whole identity and right procedure and finishes by asking Joel does he understand his rights. Joel nods saying “Yes”

Jack looking at Joel gravely and states forcefully, “Mr Lipman can you tell us if the drugs in your room belong to you?
Joel stares wide eyed and yells “What, what are you talking about? There are no drugs in my room, I don’t use drugs, you are crazy!!
Bill; “Mr Lipman, are your sure it is my friend who is crazy, we contacted a Mr Nimrod Reznik, he says he has never heard of you!”
Joel now cannot believe what he is hearing, he shakes his head saying, “I have nothing to say.”

Bill; “You will have to do better than that, we are now starting to search all the rooms in that hotel you were staying in. I would like to know again why you chose to stay in that hotel?”
Joel; “I have nothing to say”
Jack; “Why did you say Mr Reznik was your uncle?”
Joel; “I have nothing to say.”
Jack; “Do you know a Miss Juliet Barney?”
Joel; “No”
Jack; “She booked into the same hotel as you last night. Are you sure you do not know her or have anything to do with her?”
Joel: “Yes, I am sure!”
The two detectives look at each other and Bill Gains switches off the tape. Jack looks seriously at Joel and asks softly, “Joel is there anything you want to tell us while the tape is switched off?” The distraught young man shakes his head, “No”
Jack; “Are you sure?”
Joel neither moves or says anything.

Bill; “Right Joel we want to hear about all your movements over the last five weeks, you have had long enough to think about them”
Joel; “I need a rest.”
Bill; “You can’t have a rest yet, we have only started.”
Bill; “Who was the first person you met when you arrived in the UK Joel?”
Joel; “My uncle, he met at the airport and brought me to the hotel by train and tube.”
Bill; “Joel, listen to me carefully, this uncle you claim says he has never heard of you. You are beginning to sound like someone off you head on drugs or else your so-called uncle is lying, what do you think Jack?”
Jack; “I think you are maybe being a little bit to hard on the kid. Maybe we should have a closer look at the man who he claims is his uncle.”

Bill; “Good idea Jack, off you go and check with Special Branch, the Drug Squad and Interpol.”
Jack; “I will set the wheels in motion.” he left the room and Bill Gains noted the time saying, “Detective Jack Henderson has left the room.”
Then he stopped the tape machine again and asked Joel once more, “Joel is there anything you want to tell me while the tape is off and we are alone?”

Joel shook his head and Gains switched the tape back on. He then said, “The suspect Joel Lipman looks very tired, I am ending interview, he stated the time and switched the machine of.
“You are going to be here over night Joel, we will start again tomorrow morning, you will have all night to think about things.”
Gains went to the door and asked the constable to take Joel back to his holding cell. He told the constable before he left in earshot of Joel, “Make sure you look after him well, I have feeling something big is going on here.”

When Joel is put back in the holding cell he starts to feel incredibly exhausted, he lies down on the couch and tries to sleep but he is unable to do so. He is given a meal and morosely eats it then lies down again. Joel tries very hard to think logically it find it almost impossible to do so.

After lying down for two hours the thought comes to him, “Maybe I should just tell them everything, who I am and what I am, the whole thing is a big mistake. When I tell them everything they will realise I have nothing to do with drugs!”
He steps toward the cell emergency bell to ring it indicating he needs attention but before he can do so he is hit with the thought, “If I tell everything it could ruin my career!”
Joel slumps to the floor and holds his head in his hands he feels like a broken man.

Thursday 4th October 1984
The night felt like an eternity for Joel, eventually he hears the noises from outside the cell which indicates it is early morning. Suddenly the cell door open and the constable hands him his breakfast, the constable tells him after his breakfast he will be allowed to wash and shave. He will then be taken to the interview room where a solicitor will see him.

Joel wonders, “How will I know it is a real solicitor? and not some police trick?”
Joel is eventually taken to the interview room he has become familiar with, a police constable sits down opposite him and tells him “Your solicitor will be here in a few minutes. I am just here to keep an eye on you to make sure you are OK. I will not be asking you any questions, so you can relax for a few minutes.”

Later the door opens a very confident middle aged man enters the room, he looks directly at Joel and booms, “Mr Lipman I have been asked to represent you in court, we will be able to speak confidentially after the constable leaves the room.” The policeman smiles and immediately leaves.
Joel sharply asks him, “Who are you, I never asked for a solicitor? "
Solicitor; “Your uncle Mr Nimrod Reznik asked me to come and represent you.”
Joel; “What!!!!!! They told me my uncle had denied knowing me”
Solicitor; “I am sure they did. They do things like this all the time. Look at it from their point of view, you are allegedly caught with drugs, you tell them you have an uncle, they will immediately suspect your uncle may be involved as well.
If they can convince you your associate has betrayed you, then perhaps you will be tempted to betray him. They are Detectives after all!” He then laughs heartily.
Joel just sat looking stunned.

Solicitor; “Did they harm you or assault you in any way?”
Joel; “No.”
Solicitor; “Good, now Joel before we go any further, if you want me to represent you properly you must tell me if you are guilty or innocent?”
Joel indignantly shouts; “I am innocent, they just came to the hotel, brought me here then said later they had found drugs in my room, I know nothing about this.”

Solicitor; “Good, I believe you. Now Joel is there anything at all you want to tell me which may influence you case? You are going to be charged with possession of drugs with intent to supply later today. You will almost certainly remanded in custody as you are a foreign national and may flee the country. If there is anything at all that will help your case you must please tell me now?”
Joel; “There is nothing I can tell you.”

Solicitor: “OK, is there anyone in your family important or a target for someone who wants to take revenge?
Joel; “No, I am just from an ordinary family. Look I am exhausted and my head aches can I please have some sleeping tablets and headache tablets?”
Solicitor; “I will get you the headache tablets but the police will be very reluctant to let you have sleeping tablets unless you are examined by a doctor who prescribes them. As you will be in court a few hours from now it is unlikely you will be given sleeping tablets.”
Joel slumps his whole somebody onto the table holding his head, “I need to sleep he begs.”
Solicitor; “I will ask them to get you headache tablets now, then I must go. I will see you in court later Joel.” The solicitor gets up and leaves the room. Leaving Joel feeling very unimportant, exhausted, confused and depressed.

The constable returns and takes him back to his holding cell, “I will be back with the headache tablets in a minute, why don’t you lie down?”
The constable returns with the tablets and water, Joel gladly takes them and when the constable leaves he lies down on the couch and starts to cry.
Two hours later the door opens and the constable hands him his dinner on a tray. He also tells him, “Mr Lipman you are being released but you will have to be medically examined before hand, just routine, it is to prove you have not been maltreated, so you may as well enjoy your dinner, we will try and have you out as soon as possible.”
Joel cannot believe his ears!
While he goes through the routine discharge procedure Joel is informed his uncle has checked him out of the hotel and brought his belongings to the Police Station. There is a suitcase, backpack and two plastic bags full of clothes and belongings. "You can leave the bags here and call back for them later if you like," the Police sergeant informs him.

On release Joel immediately goes to the Regent Palace which he had heard Yoav mention he is exhausted, but he has to write a note, travel to Queensway and leave it in the Chapel Side house before he can return to the hotel to sleep.
Later that day Amit enters the house and lifts the envelope she sets it on the table as she knows it is for Nimrod. She does not open it.
Nimrod and Yoav call to the Chapel Side house for dinner at 5.30pm. After reading the note, they say they will be checking into the Regent Palace hotel.
Amit raises her eyebrows, “Why is that? Are you going to do business with those girls who hang about it?
“No we are not, it is strictly business. Joel Lipman has checked into the Regent Palace Hotel.” Nimrod firmly asserts.
“Perhaps he feels he needs a woman!” Amit giggles.

“More like a good night’s sleep,” replies Yoav. “Plus maybe a airplane ticket back to Israel!”
“If he cannot survive here he may as well return to Israel, he is not much good to us is he?” Amit forcefully states to the two men.
They both think she has suddenly turned into a very mature woman is a very short space of time!

The two men book into the same hotel as Joel Lipman, the next morning they will start to debrief him.

Friday 5th October 1984Nimrod and Yoav listen to Joel’s account of the arrest without much comment. Nimrod ends the meeting by telling him, “We will get back to you later about this. Stay in this hotel, try and relax. It may be all be one big misunderstanding.”

Later on Friday afternoon Nimrod meets his contact at the usual place in Shepherd Market. Nimrod is overawed by the fact the guy he is meeting can sit here in this lowly place in Shepherd Market completely unnoticed, yet he has the power to have anyone in the UK arrested as he sees fit.

The man gives Nimrod a plastic shopping bag inside it contains the tape recorder and tapes which had been used in the interviews with Joel Lipman. “Everything is on this, he never said anything when the tape was switched off. He never said anything to the solicitor either.  Using audio tapes is a good idea, we need to start using them in the UK.  I suppose you will listen to them?”

"Yes I will," states Nimrod.  When he is finsihed with them they will be sent to speech analysts to make sure they have not been tampered with and to analyse Joel Lipman`s speech patterns and stress levels.

Nimrod is pleased the young man has said nothing, he is now planning to arrange a job for him in the embassy working as an analyst for a spell. The he will move him onto a journalism job is the USA. Nimrod was hoping the young man would be successful in the test he did not want to be the one to destroy his career but he would have done if necessary.

The man tells him, “I am putting a report in on Joel Lipman. He is not a threat to UK security, no need to monitor his movements but he is someone whose career we should keep an eye on and cultivate friendly contact if necessary. Try and provide him with a British wife as well, if possible, while he is in the UK, though there is no need to go overboard with the matter. We don’t want to be throwing British girls at him, he may get suspicious!”

“Good idea” says Nimrod, “He may end up Ambassador to the USA someday!” At the same time Nimrod is also noting the fact he will be stressing the point to Joel not to get involved with any British females.

Some day in the future he will explain the whole episode to Joel, though he is expecting Joel to work it out for himself long before he reveals it to him. He regards it as a course in, “Intuition Building.”

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Chapter 5

Sunday 30th September 1984

David Craney awoke early to find a silent house. He rose and made his way to the living room, no one there. He then entered the kitchen to find Amit reading a magazine. “Good morning, did you sleep well?”

The girl responds by putting her finger to her mouth urging him to be quiet. “The others are sleeping still, please be quiet. If you want breakfast you can find cereal in that cupboard, if you want toast the toaster is over there. You can get it yourself, I am not here to make breakfast for strangers, I am not a servant!”

Craney cannot make up if she is serious or joking, he decides to say nothing and puts bread in the toaster.

While waiting for the toast he asks Amit, “Do you all live here?”

“You do not need to know where we live,” she whispers while not looking up from her magazine. She goes on, “We can have a conversation as long as you do not ask questions, what would you like to talk about?”

“What time do the others get up, is that an allowable question?” he asks.

“When they are here they get up when they feel like it or when I get bored and waken them. I sometimes go out and buy the newspapers, I might go out when the others get up. I am not going to leave you here on your own while the others are sleeping. I do not trust you!” she says this with a wide smile.

They hear noise coming from the other two rooms and she declares “Good, at last we can talk at normal volume.”

The two men appear in the kitchen and go about making their breakfast in a manner indicating they were very familiar with the house and Amit`s rules of housekeeping.

“Want to go out for a walk when you finish breakfast Yoav? We can see if any newspapers are worth buying."

“Sure, as soon as I finish the man replies. “We can leave these two alone to get better acquainted."

“Yes,” she laughs, “We will let these two nerds get better acquainted.” Nimrod playfully hits her on the back of the head.

When the two leave for their walk Nimrod starts to quiz Craney. “Do you know many people in London?”

“Not really, just the ones I play chess with and some of my cousin`s friends.”

“Do you know anyone important among your acquaintances?” Nimrod persists.

“No, I do not know anyone important, I have seen a few famous people about the streets but I do not know them. I was speaking to an actor called Alex Hyde White while he was promoting a movie in Leicester Sq.

He was very pleasant and friendly but I do not know him, he is the only famous person I have meet while in London.”

Craney is now conversing with the man in a friendly manner.

“What about N. Ireland do you know anyone important there?” Nimrod can make an interrogation feel like a friendly conversation.

“No, I do not know anyone important there either. I go home regularly but I am afraid I do not know any influential figures. Though N.Ireland is a small place if you wanted to meet someone important it would be easy to do so.”

Nimrod looks very thoughtful, “Strange, most people usually know someone important or try to give the impression they do. What about Speaker’s Corner do you know anyone famous there?”

“No, I only go there for the entertainment, it can be hilarious at times, I am surprised you have never been there before. It is very kind of you to let me stay the night here, Speaker’s Corner is not far away.” He is very interested in important and famous people thinks Craney.

Nimrod nods his head, “It is not a problem, I am looking forward to seeing the action at Speaker’s Corner, you make it sound interesting. We have never been there before because we never had to go there, it is a new experience for us.”

“What about the girl?” Craney asks, “Is she hard to get on with? She seems very bossy.”

Nimrod laughed aloud, “I will tell her what you said, No she is fine, you just have not got used to her sense of humour, plus she is not a morning person, she is not at her sharpest in the morning. She is very bright and good at her job I would not be surprised if she becomes a VIP some day.”

“Really!” says Craney widening his eyes as he does so. He is also wondering if someone has a career mapped out for her.   

When the four reach the Speaker’s Corner area in Hyde Park Craney points them in the direction of a speaker surrounded by about 150 people.

“This guy can be really funny,” Craney enthusiastically tells the others.

The speaker is Roy Sawh and he claimed to represent the “Racial Adjustment Action Society.”

The man is a very skilful speaker, he knows how to hold the attention of an audience.

He fulminates against the crimes of the British white ruling classes. “Look what they did in my country, they came and gave us the Bible, while we were reading the Bible they were busy stealing all the gold and diamonds and raping the women folk!”

The majority of the listeners agree with him and laugh very heartily. The man pauses and looks over the crowd. He has the knack of spotting Americans especially American tourists. He has now spotted some. He points down at them, “Are you from America? he quizzes, the tourists proudly say, “Yes!”

“Are you proud to be Americans?” he goes on smiling at them as he says this.

Again they proudly declare, “Yes!”

The man’s smile fades and he springs his trap. “Are the Red Indians proud to be Americans?”

The crowd mostly laughs but the Americans are silent.

He persists, “ Are the black people proud to be Americans?”

More laughter form the crowd and silence from the tourists.

“If I were in your country you would now get the police for me to run me into jail! Well now you are in MY country and you have to take what I say or I get MY police and run you into jail!!!”

The Americans looked stunned, they have never come across anything like this.

The man is in full flight now he laughs loudly for a few seconds then he stills the crowd with his hand. “In Africa if you marry your cousin they call it incest! In the UK if you marry your cousin they call it ROYALTY," he roars. The crowd are now in a state of hilarious uproar.

So is Craney, he finds it all highly amusing although he does not agree with everything the speaker says.

Amit and Yoav look solemnly at the scene. Nimrod is busy thinking how he can exploit this scenario. The man is a compulsive schemer, he is always planning how to use people and scenes.

Amit turns to Craney and shakes her head, “Do you think this is funny? Do you not like Americans? I have American relatives, I do not find this amusing.”

“It is only satire, I would not take it seriously Amit, it is just free entertainment. If you don’t like it here let’s go over there and hear this guy.” He points to a man in his late twenties about 80 yards away.

They follow him over to hear the speaker, there is a crowd of about 60 people listening to him. Nimrod is now wondering the best way to plant a phoney Anti-Semitic speaker in the place just to see who he draws out to listen to him or make contact with him.

He is also pondering how to set up a phoney Islamic militant using the same methods with the same aims. It should not be to difficult he concludes.

The young man claims to be speaking on behalf of “The Men’s Liberation Society.” He is going on about how society fails to understand men and how badly men are treated. Some listeners are hysterical with laughter.

The laughter encourages the man to become more outrageous. “It is ridiculous,” he shouts, “Look how society treats a man who rapes a woman? What do they do? They lock him up for four years in prison. It is all so stupid. What is the first thing a man will do after being locked in prison for years? He now looks at the crowd for an answer. They wait expectantly.

“The first thing he is going to do is go and rape another woman, it is obvious. What society should do with a man who rapes a woman is not put him in prison. What they should do is lock him in a brothel for four years and force him to have sex 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that will cure him! After four years of that the will not be raping anymore women.” He yells this at the top of his voice, the crowd are in stitches.

Amit turns to Craney and excitedly gestures and shouts, “They are all weirdoes, they are all weirdoes, they are all crazy let’s get out of here they are all weirdoes!!!!!!!!”

The three men have no choice but to follow her as she strides off. She launches a furious diatribe at Craney, “Nerds and weirdoes! you only hang around with nerds and weirdoes!  I do not like it here they are all werds and neirdos!”

She stops with a shocked look on her face, she had been so excited she had become tongue tied. The men are now laughing at her mistake, “Werds and neirdoes, werds and neirdoes” they laugh.

“Relax, I will buy you all dinner down in Orange St, we can catch the tube here.” Craney attempts to calm the girl down.

“I dread to think what this restaurant will be like, it will be full of crazy people, I am sure of it,” Amits shouts. The others are now finding the whole scene hilarious.

On the tube Craney sits beside Amit and teases her. “Look at that girl down there, the one with the red hair, is she a werd or a neirdo?”
Amit turns her head away a stares out the window. Craney laughs.

Just outside the restaurant Amit stops them and says “God knows what we are going to find in here!”

When they enter the Greek restaurant Craney is greeted warmly by a middle aged man with a moustache. “Good, good my friend you bring friends, have a seat, have a seat.” When they sit down the man says you Craney, “Your usual my, friend?”

When he hands menus to the others he departs and starts going about the restaurant singing at the top of his voice, Amit put her head in her hands and says “Oh no! more weirdoes.”

Craney looks at them, “I know a nice place in the East end, there is a very funny comedian there called Jimmy Fags, you would like him, he is in a bar called the Bow Bells.”

Amit puts her menu down and halts his speech. “I dread to think what it must be like! You really need to start mixing with normal people it is not good to mix with crazies all the time.”

Craney cannot make up his mind whether she is being serious or joking. “You will love the food here it is really good. Try the Beef Stroganoff it is delicious.”
“I will give it a go, what do I have to loose, you are paying for it after all,” is her response.

“You should be very happy Amit, you have invented two new word, neirdoes and werds. A neirdoe is a weirdo who looks like a nerd and a nerd is a nerd who acts like a weirdo. This should look well on your record.” Yoav states this seriously and gets them all laughing.

After the meal Craney announces he must leave them and go to his flat. Nimrod reminds him “Don’t forget the appointment on Wednesday at 2.00 pm. Just ask for Mr. Reznik, that should take care of everything.”
Craney reaches his Ealing flat and immediately makes a phone call.

Friday, 14 October 2011



Saturday 29th 1984

The three Israelis are outside the theatre talking to aquaintances when Craney appears they have their back turned and do not see him coming.

“Hello” he announces, Amit turns and smile “Hi David, glad you made it, we were so busy talking we did not see you coming. This is Yoav.”

The two men shake hands, “Where did you come from? She wants to know.

I was down by Leicester Sq at my favourite restaurant. It is a Greek one in Orange street, I love the Beef Stroganoff they do there. Then I walked up here.”

“Did you walk all the way from Leicester Sq to here?” Yoav asks with a surprised look on his face.

“Yes, I love walking in London, I find it relaxing. How did you all get here?"

“Tube," Amit interjected, “Let’s go in and take our seats, Nimrod is busy talking he can join us when he is finished.”

They go in and Craney is seated beside Yoav.

Amit leaned over and asks Craney, “What do you think Yoav does?”

He looks at Yoav and goes, “Hmmmmmmm, I would say he is a teacher!”

“Almost right,” Amit laughs, “he is an accountant!”

Yoav looks at Craney and nods, “Do you go to the theatre much David?”

“No, not very much, I would only go if something really interests me, what about you?”

“I love the theatre is Yoav`s enthusiastic response and the movies, I go to theatre or movies at least once a week.”

The two men now have a real conversation going, Craney tells Yoav, “The last time I was at the movies was in the USA, I saw a movie called Stripes, it was just out. I can remember a music scene, they played “the rubber band man.”

“Oh that is by the Spinners, I remember that,” Yoav replies, “Who was in the movie?”

“I cant remember, but it was funny. Do you like music too Yaov?”

“Yeah, I love music, but not as much as Amit does, she really loves music, don’t you?” he turns to Amit as he says this. She smiles.

“What type of theatre do you like Yaov?” Craney stares at him when he says this.

“I like all kinds of theatre, what kind do you like?” Yoav inquires.

Craney answers,
“Do you know where the real theatre is in London? Speaker`s Corner that is where the real theatre is and what’s more it is free!” Craney is now laughing aloud as he says this.

“I know where Speaker`s Corner is but I don’t understand where the theatre is?“ Yoav is now genuinely puzzled.

“You mean you have never been to Speakers` Corner on a Sunday?” Craney stares at Yoav with an incredulous look.

“No, I have never been to Speaker`s Corner on a Sunday” Yoav is now bemused.

“I will tell you what, I will meet you there tomorrow afternoon, it is fabulous, you will really enjoy it. I will be better than anything you see tonight!”

Yoav turns to Amit and asks, “Have you been to Speakers Corner on Sundays?”

“Never” she says. She is also delighted, he is playing right into our hands, we can get him to stay the night and tell him we will all go to Speakers Corner tomorrow is her thoughts.

It was true they had never been to Speaker’s Corner they only went to places their potential targets were going and so far none of their targets had ever went to Speaker’s Corner on a Sunday.

Nimrod now joins them and he is told by Amit, “We are going to Speakers Corner tomorrow.”

“What is in Speaker’s Corner?” he asks. “I was telling them that is were the real theatre is! Craney leans over and gestures at Nimrod as he says this.

Nimrod looks at Amit then he says “Oh good.” They both smugly look at each other.

After the theatre show Amit instantly urges, “Let’s buy something to eat and go back to the house. We will buy some Chinese takeaways in Queensway first.” Yoav interjects.

“I do not really eat Chinese food, I prefer Kentucky, the only stuff I eat out of Chinese is Chicken Maryland,” reveals Craney, he was intending to leave them and get a meal before going travelling to his Ealing flat.

“Its no problem,” Nimrod assures him, “We will get you a Chicken Maryland, or you can go on up to the house with Amit and she make you coffee or tea, if you prefer, how is that?”

“OK.” says Craney, they catch the underground to Queensway.

At Queensway Nimrod and Yoav go to get Chinese takeaways, Amit grabs Craney’s whispering, “Come on David we will go on up to the house, let them run the errands, I will take your arm and you can escort me safely along these dangerous streets.” Amit utters all this like a giggling teenager.

As they pass the King’s Head, Amit giggles, “There is all your Nerd friends still playing chess!”

When they reach the house she puts on one of her music tapes. Phil Collins, "You can`t hurry love", this initiates a conversation about music, “I love music,” Amits starts, “All kinds of music.

What kind of music do you like David?"

"Oh I like Hebrew music," he replies.  “What!” is the startled reply.

Nimrod and Yoav now arrive they bring the meals plus Sunday Times newspaper.

Nimrod did not read the paper, he bought it because certain sections of it sometimes contain coded messages for him. The other two are unaware of this.

“How do you like Hebrew music?” Amit is now eager to know.

“I have a Christian friend who gave me some Messianic music tapes. They are really good,” Craney answers her. She now looks at him with some suspicion.

As they eat their meals they start to discuss the play, “It just drama Craney says, reality is very different.”

“Do they really beat people up like that?” Yaov wants to know.

“No.” Craney looks at him disdainfully, “In real life the guy is probably and informer, so they beat him a little so he has a legal loophole to get off and it stops anyone being suspicious about his release.”

They are now listening carefully. He goes on, “Most of the people convicted implicate themselves by making statements admitting their guilt. The police alarm them by telling them all their colleagues have admitted everything, when they hear this most of them become frightened and admit everything to save their own skins.

You have to remember most of these guys are not hardened criminals to begin with, they are generally people who have been caught up in an out of control situation. The ones who say nothing and don’t make statements generally walk way free.”

“What if they are caught red-handed?” Nimrod wants to know.

“If they are caught red-handed it is just to bad, then they will be convicted, nothing can be done. Most of them are never caught red-handed, most of theme are arrested after the event, sometimes quite a while after the event.

Don’t believe everything you see in the theatre or TV, it may be good entertainment but it is not accurate.

Also when they are released from prison they are even more vulnerable, usually most people do not want to go back to jail again, so they can be pressured into becoming informers. Just wait in about 25 or 30 years it will emerge the biggest percentage of terrorists were in fact Government agents!”

Yoav and Nimrod nod their heads in agreement, saying, “You are probably right!”

Nimrod says, “Please excuse me, I must go to the bathroom.” Amit says, “I will clear these plates way,” she is now starting to feel nervous. She knows Nimrod is going to confront Craney with the file when he returns.

Nimrod returns with the file and says to Craney, "I was talking to someone who says he knows you the other day, he gave me this,” he then hands the file to Craney.

Craney starts to read the first page then he burst out laughing, “I hope you have not paid anyone money for this because you have wasted your money!  My name is not David Craney!

The name on this file is David Craney, my name is David William Craney, you and your friend have mixed me up with someone else! Looks like you have been conned,” he says this sneerfully.

Nimrod is crestfallen, inwardly panic stricken, he has given them Joel Lipman for dud file!

Amit notices it is the first time she has seen Nimrod display uncertainty.

“What are you people playing at anyway? You are not supposed to have files like that?”

The trio are now anxiously looking at each other.

“Suppose I was this David Craney you have mixed me up with? What would you want with him?

Nimrod’s mood now changes, he instinctively knows the file is accurate, he feels bolder, “If you were this David Craney we could do some business.“

“What kind of business?” Craney looks at the three of them.

“Well” says Nimrod, “You could help us and we could help you!”

“Help me to do what?” is Craney’s question. “We could help you to be a politician” Yoav now joins in.

“I don’t want to be a politician” Craney laughs.

“What do you want to be?" asks Amit.

“I want to be anonymous!” is the reply.

“OK, we will help you to be anonymous,” Amit says very seriously

“There is just one thing you are forgetting,” states Cranely in an equally serious fashion, “I am not the David Craney in that file.”

They all look at one another and Nimrod says, “Sure we believe you, it is another David Craney.”

He looks at them and says, “Are you not concerned that I will go to the police and tell them about this?”

They laugh scornfully, Yoav grabs him by the shoulder and says, “Listen, this is what would happen if you went to the police. We would say we kindly invited you to the theatre, we went to get some food afterwards and while you were alone with Amit you tried to rape her.

We came in and caught you and threw you out of the house. You then went to the police to get even. There are 3 of us and one of you, who are the police going to believe? Show him what you can do Amit.

Suddenly the girl turned into a hysterical female weeping and wailing she had been attacked and was in terrible distress the tears instantly flowed like a river!

Carney is stunned ! “I can understand how you like the theatre so much, you should have been an actress!", the weeping and wailing instantly turned into hearty laughter.

They reply “That is just one scenario, there are lots of others we could use to make you look like a criminal and a lunatic fantasist.”

“We have lots of scenarios we can use to discredit people,” Nimrod laughed.

“So who exactly are you?” Craney wants proof of their credibility. Yoav suggests, “How would you like a tour round the Israeli embassy?”

Craney asks “Are the visitors to your embassy not being monitored?”

“Yes” says Amit, but all the visitors are usually legitimate, people calling to make genuine inquires about lost passports, prospective tourists looking for literature about travel and sights to see, people going in to arrange trade missions and group excursions. It can be monitored as much as it likes, it will reveal nothing.

“We ourselves never go near it“, Yoav says this and the trio all laugh uproariously.

“I am the only one officially linked to the embassy, I am very rarely in it but I can arrange for you to be given a tour if you like," Nimrod laughingly asks.

“That would be interesting,” Craney nods.

“OK, call at the Embassy next Wednesday at 2.00pm. If you are happy after that, we can discuss things further, how is that?”

“Sounds fine.” Craney nods affirmatively.

“Do you have a valid passport?” Yoav inquires.

“I have two valid passports,” Craney laughs.

“Two, you have two valid passports?  how come? I am beginning to think there is something very strange about you. You hang about with nerds, now you have two valid passports, how is this?" Amit utters all this in a very heated and excited fashion.

Craney gives her a dirty look and tuts, “Look it is all very simple. A few years ago I booked a holiday in the USA. The British passport office went on strike so I had to acquire an Irish passport in order to be able to travel to the USA. After the holiday I was able to get my British passport. So now I just happen to have two valid passports, do you want to buy one by any chance?” he joked

They look at each other, then Yoav says to Craney, “That is very useful, it is good to know people with two passports. It is very late now why don’t you stay the night here and we can go to Speaker`s corner tomorrow.”

“Sure, you can sleep in my bed, I will sleep on the sofa, it is very comfortable, I do not mind at all,” interjects Amit.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011



Tuesday 25th September 1984

Early in the day Nimrod leaves his apartment and enters the Bond Street underground station. Nimrod loved travelling on the underground, he spent a considerable amount of his time
travelling around London, while on the underground he also did a lot of his thinking and planning.

It particularly amused him to ponder the fact you could spend hours on the train surrounded by a great many people yet no one disturbed you unnecessarily. He had a large number of contacts in London and most of them lived within the two inner zones. Nimrod knew the two inner zones like the back of his hand.

He thinks of some of the famous people he had noticed while riding the tube. He smiles to himself when he remembers the day he got on the tube and sitting across the carriage from him was the actor Robert Di Nero.

He could not believe it, they were both wearing almost identical clothing. Red checked short sleeved shirts and chinos. The actor had his head completely shaven. He went unnoticed to everyone else on the carriage, he looked just like another underground traveller.
At first Nimrod thought he was imagining the whole thing but the next day he saw a London paper and there was a picture of a shaven headed Robert Di Nero leaving Peter Langan`s restaurant. There were usually photographers hanging about outside that particular restaurant looking for famous faces to snap.

He imagined how these famous people must feel being at the mercy of unscrupulous photographers. Anyone caught taking pictures of Nimrod would have their camera and their face smashed to pieces within seconds.

Today he is primarily travelling to a house in Iverson Road, West Hampstead, to see Professor Norman Gibson.

First he travels to Piccadilly Circus and enters the Regent Palace hotel to meet with Yoav Hoffman.

Nimrod checks the breakfast restaurant as soon as he enters and spots Yoav eating breakfast alone.
“How did everything go last night?” Nimrod inquires, he is not expecting any surprises it was a very simple escapade.

Yoav looks at him and says, “I think the kid Joel would be best suited to an inside office job.”
“He is very clever," replies Nimrod.
Yoav shakes his head and retorts, “Being clever is not enough, he needs to learn to be clever AND invisible.”

Nimrod grimly smiles he knows Yoav is right. Nimrod is Yoav`s senior officer but sometimes he feels as if Yoav is more capable than him. He knows Yoav will give him a true and usually accurate assessment of people and situations. He does not think it below himself or a sign of weakness to ask Yoav for advice.

There is no point in discussing this point any further thinks Nimrod, he has already made up his mind to act on Yoav`s assessment.

“How is the breakfast? Is this still your favourite hotel?” asks Nimrod.
“Of course it is, do you know how useful it has been for us?” Yoav makes a wide gesture with his hands.  They had a contact in the security of the hotel who let them bug rooms. The hotel was frequently used by escorts, female and male who would arrange to meet their clients there. Occasionally some of the clients could be thought of as good investments.

There were quite a few non publicly known VIP types who never realised they had been compromised in the hotel. They would only ever find out if they happened to become useful stooges or pawns. Otherwise the unsuspecting compromised victims were never bothered or contacted.

“We will meet for dinner at Chapel Place, see you at Queensway tube station around 5:30. I must go now, I have a lot of work to do unlike you.  Don’t do anything foolish in this hotel, walls have ears you know!” Nimrod laughs aloud as he says this then he leaves.

As Nimrod is travelling to his next call he is working out what to do about Joel Lipman He starts to think of how he can tell the young lad in a sympathetic way that there are some doubts about his abilities at the present time.

He concludes the young man should be given the role as a trainee analyst working inside the embassy rather than on the ground, if possible. First he would have to take action to assure himself regarding the young man’s potential. He now knows what way to go about the matter.

Nimrod now sets off to see the Professor Norman Gibson a retired university historian. He is looking forward to the visit as he liked the man and enjoyed his company. Nimrod and the professor had many shared interests, history was one of them. Gibson also had another passionate interest. He was a unofficial expert Graphologist.

When calling at Gibson’s house Nimrod knew the man would be in, the man never left the apartment until after lunchtime. The professor’s face beamed when he opened the door and saw Nimrod, he warmly greeted him and ushered him into the living room.

“And what is the purpose of this visit, business, pleasure, boredom, company?” Gibson joked.
“First, for me it is business for you it is pleasure.” Nimrod takes out the Filofax as he says this. “When I get this done we will have plenty of time for tea and conversation. I would like your opinion on this signature if you don’t mind?”

The Graphologist takes the Filofax smiles and asks if this is a real person or an experiment of some kind. “Its real,” intimates Nimrod

Professor Gibson looks a the writing for about a minute and states, “Schizoid, a Schizoid type personality,” he looks across the room at Nimrod who looks very disappointed. “Doesn’t fit your needs I guess?”
Nimrod looks at him and says, "I was hoping you would come up with something else.” Secretly he was pleased.

“I suppose you will have to try and get something or someone else now? The Professor is not being nosy, he merely assumes Nimrod is vetting a prospective employee for embassy or sensitive work.

“I suppose I will, there is always somebody else.” Nimrod smiles as he says this, then quickly goes on to ask the man how his wife and children are doing. “Fine, fine, my eldest daughter has started university. My wife and youngest daughter are currently in the Canary Islands, they could not resist the chance of a cheap holiday. You must come for dinner some evening soon. Or we could go to the theatre some evening?”

The two men are avid theatre goers and good friends though there is quite an age difference between them. The Professor never pries into Nimrod’s work but they share their views on a wide range of other matters.

“I am going to the theatre On Saturday night to see a play, The Rats Skull!,” proclaims Nimrod. “Already seen it” replies the Professor, it is excellent, you will enjoy it, are you taking a young lady with you?
“Of course, don’t I always?  I’m glad I can stay longer and chat but I have to keep a careful eye on the time, I’ve another meeting at Shepherd Market later.”

The Professor raised his eyebrows and declares “I hope it is not a young lady from Shepherd Market you are taking to the theatre?”

“I am not going to meet a young lady like that at Shepherd Market, It will be strictly male to male business, the individual I am meeting wanted to meet there, he works nearby. Now our business is concluded you now have the privilege of making me some tea.”
Gibson says, “I am glad you can stay for a while, there are some things I would like your opinion on but I will get the tea first.”

When Gibson comes back with the tea, biscuits and buns, Nimrod enthusiastically declares, “I must tell you this story first, it will give you a good laugh. About two months ago I watched that actor called Michael Landon give an interview on UK TV. He was he promoting some book or show. The interviewer asked him how he liked London? He gushed with praise, I love it here the people are so friendly and helpful, I don’t want to go home.”

“Really” nods the Professor as he sips his tea, he knew there is more of the story to follow.

Nimrod is now in a very gregarious mood, he continues, “The following week I was in New York for 5 days! Guess who I saw being interviewed on American TV, Michael Landon! This time the interviewer asks him, “You were in London last week how did you enjoy it.”

Landon says, “Oh I hated it, the people were so unfriendly, the food was terrible the weather was terrible, I could not wait to get back to the States!”

He is now laughing uncontrollably which starts the Professor laughing hysterically as well.

“Wouldn’t you just love to analyse that guy’s handwriting Professor?” giggles Nimrod.
When they both calm down the two men spend considerable time discussing a wide range of issues, Nimrod checks the time and ends the conversation. “I will give you a call and take up your dinner offer, thanks for your help.” The men shake hands and Nimrod leaves.

He again heads for the underground and while he is travelling he reflect upon the Professor’s opinion on the signature, he is very pleased. He will get a second opinion from an Israeli expert but he is not expecting to contradict the professors verdict.
He gets of the tube at Green Park and goes to the designated pub in Shepherd Market. The man he is looking for is already there, they shake hands and the man says, “Lets find a quiet table. I have what you want, it is not be the authentic file, it is a copy, how is that?”

“Good” Nimrod emphatically nods his head as he says it. “It will be the usual price” the man quizzically says. “You are worth every penny” is the ready reply, “Would you like another drink? Certainly the man says. Nimrod calls the waiter and orders the man a drink.

“Do you have anything else which may be of use?” asks Nimrod, “Not at the minute, do you have anything useful for me? “There is something which could be of use to both of us” Nimrod intimates.  The man was all ears.

“We have a young man we would like you to test for us, he is called Joel Lipman. He is staying in the Ivy House Hotel, Hugh street, behind Victoria. We do not want him harmed, just keep and eye on him and give him a test at the appropriate moment. It will impress your boss and help me greatly.

When you get him tell him you want to know what he has been doing for the last four or five weeks, OK? I think he is a nice kid really but it is better if he is tested now by friendly fire rather than later. Will you do that for me?”

“ Of course” the man nods“ and I will meet you by the same arrangement in the same place if anything else comes up. Just don’t forget the FSR.”

The man opens his briefcase and gives Nimrod an A5 size brown envelope. The whole action looks normal in this particular establishment it has quite a number of people who come in here with briefcases and take something out or put something in.
“See you soon” says Nimrod as he picks up the envelope and leaves the pub. He now heads to the Chapel Side house for dinner. He meets Yoav at Queensway tube station, then they approach the house together.

When the pair arrive the next night she has only dinner for two set out on the table. She launches a furious tirade at Yoav in Hebrew, “You make big joke on Amit, Now Amit make big joke on you, there is only dinner for two, you will have to make your own or go out and buy something!”

Yoav and Nimrod look at each other surprised, Yoav says, You are kidding, she looks at him furiously then he adds, “Aren’t you?” She says “No I am not!”
Yoav is convinced and heads out of the room to go and buy a take away dinner. She lets him get to the door then shouts “I am only joking your dinner is in the oven,” you can go and get it yourself.”
He returns smilingly and goes to the kitchen oven to get the dinner, then she shouts, "There is just one thing, I made sure it is burnt!”

He opens the oven door apprehensively and sees a perfectly cooked dinner, he laughs, then they all laugh, Amit says, “Now we are even, I can play practical jokes as well!”

"Now you have both settled matters can we begin dinner?" They both look at Nimrod and say, “Let’s eat.” He asks Amit what she thought of the young lad Joel the previous night. She was expecting this. “I think he is too easily distracted by females, when he called here he was, and when I walked passed Yoav and him at the outside table I could tell he was looking attentively at me.”

“Lets move on” said Nimrod, “Do you think the guy will show up for the theatre Saturday Nimrod ponders. Amit says, “I think he will” Yoav laughs saying I have never met the guy, I have no idea.”

“If he comes, you will be sitting beside him, you can get him talking if anybody can. Here is your ticket,” he reached into his coat pocket and give Yoav the ticket numbered next to David Craney.

“What about my contribution ?“ asks Amit, “ I take it you mean the signature” Nimrod sighs. “Of course I mean the signature, it’s the most important part!” Amits indignantly declares.
Nimrod says, “The handwriting indicates a Schizoid personality.” They all smile they have all been classified as, “Schizoid personality types”

“I now have a file which we can all have a look at. That particular play is a Godsend” he goes on, "We could not have planned such a scenario better if we had tried with ten thousand people at our disposal.

“I read up a little about it,” said Amit who was another avid theatre goer. “I am looking forward to it even of the guy does not turn up.”

"Choosing a Saturday was also good, which was my idea,” smiles Nimrod. “His shop is not open on a Sunday we can invite him to stay the night here. Amit felt uncomfortable hearing this, instantly she shouts, “I hope you are not hinting I should get very friendly with him!”

"No, no nothing like that.” Nimrod assures her, “It will just be like a bunch of friends getting together, maybe we could suggest a friendly game of cards or something.  You could take a look in that chess bar tomorrow night Amit, just to she if he is there and help things along. You can just use your own initiative no need for us to be around, you usually walk past there anyway don’t you?”

She nodded affirmatively and she was absolutely delighted, she felt she had made the grade once she had heard those words, “you can just use your own initiative.”

“Yea sounds like a good idea Nimrod, you do have good ideas some times!”

“What will you wear?” Yoav butted in. “Oh no!” She cupped her head in her hands, you can do the dishes that is the price you must pay for your smart remarks.” They are all laughing now.

While Yoav does the dishes Nimrod asks Amit, “Do you want to have a look at the file first?”   She nods and opens the envelope, it contains three A4 sheets of paper, the girl read them intently while Nimrod goes and lies down the sofa. He closes his eyes waiting for her to finish reading.

She finishes reading goes over to the sofa and hits him on the face with the pages. “It is your turn to read Nimrod, you don’t expect me to do your job for you, do you?”

He opens his eyes, takes the pages and starts to read. Yoav comes out of the kitchen and looks at Amit, she looks at him and raises her eyebrows. He watches as Nimrod continues to read the file.

When Nimrod finishes he hands the file to Yoav, “We will be waiting for your opinion when you finish.” Now he looks over at Amit and smiles.
Yoav sits down at the dinner table and quickly reads through the pages. He stops and looks up at the other two. “Good” was all he said.

Nimrod quizzes, “Who wants to go for a walk?” Good idea says both his colleagues. They walk down the street with Amit in the middle taking both their arms. They looked like a sister and two brothers out for a walk.

Wednesday 26th September 1984
Amit looks in through window of the King’s Head as she goes down the street around 7:30 pm there is no obvious sign of Craney so she carries on with her rambling walk through Hyde Park. On her return an hour later she enters the premises and sees Craney playing chess. She orders a coke and watches as she feels she now has a degree of familiarity with him. Hardly any of the chess players notice her.

She watches as the players start to move the pieces and press the clocks rapidly, she notices others sitting at the bar are watching the various games. Craney`s games ends he slumps back in the chair and holds two hands up to his head and a number of people laugh, the two players look closely at the clocks they both laugh Craney lost by four seconds.

He gets up from the chair and notices Amit, she says, “Hi you look surprised!”

“I lost by four seconds” he says, she does not really understand but laughs at the expression on his face.

“Are you going to go to the theatre Saturday?“ she inquires. “Yes!” Craneys enthusiastically declares, “Thanks for the invitation and ticket. I looked up a bit about that play it sounds very interesting.” She smiles broadly. He says to her “You will not believe this!”

“Believe what?” says Amit, “See that guy who just beat me? He is an actor, he is some TV show about WW2 American soldiers,” Amit looks closer at the man who seems about 25 or 26, “I don’t recognise him” she whispered.

“He has worked with lots of famous people I have never heard of,” cackles Craney, “Last week has was talking about some guy called Sir Robert Stephens, who he was working with, I had never heard of him! Apparently he is highly regarded in the theatrical world!”

“Tell her about Sir Robert Stephens, Richard” Craney called aloud to the young man who was now playing another opponent.

“Everyone knows who Sir Roberts Stephens is except barbarians like you David. You really need to get a bit of sophistication,” was the retort.

“So, they are not all nerds here? Amit observed she was now impressed because she had met a real actor. “No, they are not all Nerds,” Craney said forcefully.
“Do you have a girlfriend?” Amit inquired, “Not at the moment, Why, would you like to be my girlfriend?” he quizzed the girl.

“I already have a boyfriend,” Amit grinned. “I will be surprised if you only have one boyfriend” Craney wryly speculated. She gave a mischievous smile saying, “I must go now, see you on Saturday” see waved as she left the bar.

“Who is that?” asked his former chess opponent, “Oh it is a young girl who was in here last week, she lives somewhere up the street I think.”

Monday, 10 October 2011



Nimrod and his trusted lieutenant Yoav Hoffman can guess how Amit feels. They knew from their own experiences in earlier years what is was like to be alone in a strange country and city, while having to pretend to be something other than what they really were.

One day they may have to pretend to be a businessman, the next a lowly worker, the next a journalist, the next they may be required to play the part of a naïve tourist or naïve student abroad. What made it worse is the fact it could happen without any prior warning.
A friendly stranger who just happens to have a conversation with you can suddenly seem very threatening.

So they determined to visit Amit early this morning, mainly to put her mind at ease, not because there was any big danger or emergency. At exactly ten o’clock they ring the doorbell to let her know they are coming in, wait twenty seconds then Nimrod puts his key in the lock and they enter the house together, all three of them had keys as well as two other individuals.

They were not supposed to stay in the house with a female unless the specific task required then to be posing as a young couple together. “Hope we gave you enough warning, we did not want to catch you in a compromising state of undress,” they laugh. She stares back blankly at them. Amit is not a morning person, she had not slept well, she was not in the mood for jokes.

“Some very bad news for you we are afraid.” Now she was alarmed, “your new friend is a very dangerous MI5 agent he has been tasked to take you down! It looks like your career is over we will send you back to Israel as soon as possible.”

She is now terrified, she tries to think of any mistakes she has made in the last few months, anything at all that would have exposed what she really was. She wanted to cry but she did not want to cry in front of her superiors especially male ones.

All she could think of was the fact she would be blamed for blowing an operation and she would spend the rest of her career in front of a typewriter in some Tel Aviv office or someplace worse.

Then the mood changed, the two men started to laugh uproariously, “Wise up , Amit, relax, we are only joking everything is OK, as a matter of fact everything is very much OK”

Amit started to laugh as well, Nimrod tousled her hair and she began to feel as if she was having fun with her brothers, she felt so relieved and relaxed.

Your new friend is exactly who he says he is but he may not be what he seems to be. She looked puzzled. “We have an important task for you.” He looked at her very seriously when he said this.

“Our sources, unofficial ones of course have implied this guy could be quite useful to us. We would like you to catch him for us!” She looked alarmed, “Don’t worry you don’t have to sleep with him or anything, he is not that useful or important,” they all laughed. “Just get friendly with him, you don’t have to rush anything, just be your natural friendly self ask what he does, start a little conversation, then a little longer conversation just get friendly. You could even ask him to teach you to play chess.” She fumed at the thought.

First, you must get your other task done, you understand what you have to do tomorrow? She nodded. “How will you dress? ” Yoav asked. “Like a young career girl, personal secretary type of clothing. Not much make up. I will wear an engagement ring and of course carry the very feminine briefcase.”

“What is your story if you are caught with the two British passports in your briefcase?” Yoav now quizzed.

“I am holding them in safekeeping for two friends and forgot to take them out of my briefcase, my two friends are working away from home up in Scotland and they ask me to mind some stuff for them, the passports were among the things they asked me to mind. I forgot to take them out of my briefcase. Then I just stand there and look like a silly little girl and hope they believe me.”

“Don’t worry” intervened Nimrod, “You are not on any suspects list, you will look just like a young professional woman going about her business and no one will pay any attention to you. You must bring us back some nice presents from Paris” he smiled. “We well leave you to it now, we have business to attend to, and just think you have the whole day free! We will see you when you get back.”

Wednesday 19th September 1984
Amit flew to Paris the next day and took the passports to the destination she was supposed to. A grocery shop in the “le Marais” district. She just walked in bought some groceries, waited until there was no one at the counter then set the package on the counter when paying for the groceries after that she walked out. The man in his sixties behind the counter looked at the package, smiled and then nodded his head at her. She paid for the groceries and walked out, there was no conversation at all between them. It looked exactly like an every day a small grocery store transaction, just the way it was supposed to seem.

In Paris there was another house she went there and lay down. There was not much for her to do, she had to fly back to London the next day. She put on a music tape to relax.

Then the thoughts started. She could not help wondering who the man in the grocery store was. He seemed just like a normal business owner, a harmless and helpful grandfather type but in her world things sometimes were never as they seemed. He could be the executioner of dozens of people, he may be going to use the passports for some terrible deed.

Then on the other hand he may be just a harmless elderly man who simply kept the passports for someone else to pickup. She would probably never know one way or the other, she also realised she must stop trying to think in this fashion. She was determined she was only going to concentrate on her part of the task, get it over with, and move on to the next task. Most of all she knew never to ask Nimrod or Yoav or anyone else what was going on. Just one curious question could possibly end her career immediately.

Thursday 20th September 1984
While on the flight back to London she could not help thinking how long she would spend in jail if she had been caught ferrying false British passports. She determined in her mind to ask Nimrod about this when she returned to London. It seemed a viable question, after all she was not really asking what the mission was about just what the consequences would be for her if her part went wrong.

Arriving at Heathrow airport she started to feel nervous, she had not felt this way in Paris, she started examining all the passengers who were disembarking with her. Then it all felt so futile as she realised it would be impossible to spot anyone following her or watching her. They can take on any personality or any style of dress, they can be any size shape or form. It is not like the movies were secret agents are all tall, handsome and six foot three. Even the females who could possibly be watching her could be anything from a seeming mother with two kids to a seeming senile OAP.

She passed through passport control and customs without anyone taking the slightest notice of her, immediately caught the train to central London and went to the usual house in Chapel Side just of Moscow Road.

Later in the day Nimrod phoned, “How did your trip go? Any problems?” No, everything went fine, she was glad to hear Nimrod’s voice he sounded so friendly and confident. “Good!” he said, we will meet tomorrow in the park at 2.00 pm and have a little stroll, see you tomorrow, by the way did you bring us any presents back? “

She was shocked by the ordinariness of the question, “No” she groaned, “I completely forgot, I am so sorry!“ He laughed loudly and the call ended.

“How is she?” asked Yoav. “She sounds fine,” Nimrod replied, “she is very talented and very bright, she could have a very brilliant career ahead of her but we will not be telling her that, we do not want her to get carried away with herself!”

Amit knew a stroll in the park meant she was going to be briefed about something, she felt good knowing Nimrod showed trust in her, she could not wait to hear what he had to say. She just hoped it was not instructions to take another letter, document or passport to some other part of the world were she would end up staying in some empty flat, where all she had to do was kill time until she took the next flight back to London. She was tired of that routine.

Friday 21st September 1984
Amit was in Hyde park at one o’clock Friday 21st, she loved the park, especially on beautiful sunny days. She wandered along the paths haphazardly then set down for a while she knew the spot were she would be meeting Nimrod and Yoav.

She liked Yoav because he seemed so helpful to her, he usually spoke quietly and always seems so calm. She was also aware his great talent was being ordinary, he could go anywhere and not be noticed, he could fit into any background. He could fit in among a bunch of rich businessmen at the Dorchester Hotel one night, then fit right in with a bunch of down and outs under a railway bridge the next.
Amit secretly coveted to learn this gift but she felt she was to junior at the moment to ask Yoav how he had acquired this skill.

She liked Nimrod too but she knew he was always the type of person who would stand out in a crowd. A very confident and dominating personality. She thought it was fascinating how all these different types of characters and individuals could be made into various teams who could work together. They all had different talents and weaknesses but they all needed each other to function well.

She stopped day dreaming and looked at her watch then headed to Speaker’s corner were she would meet her colleagues.
Nimrod arrived at exactly 2.00pm, punctuality was one of his strong points. “Where is Yoav?” she asked, “He is busy her boss told her.” “You are starting to develop the bad habit of asking questions Amit!” he laughed as he said it, she laughed too, she was very pleased because she had the impression he was no longer patronising her, he was treating her as an equal.

“What direction would you like take?” asked Nimrod, “Oh, I will leave it to you, I have been wandering about in this park for a while, I love it here!” “Good” he said, “we will head down towards Queensway then, lets go.
This man you came across, the one we discussed before your trip, we would like you to try and get to know him.
He is from Northern Ireland, he is a British citizen, he can travel anywhere in then world on a British passport. He can also obtain an Irish passport and travel on it."  She listened and waited for him to continue.

We have been given a tip there is intelligence files which indicate he has certain gifts which could be useful to us, you do not need to worry about those files though. He has a business in Ealing, a small electrical repair shop, the shop did dabble in electronics as well, possibly still does. You do not need to know any more than this.
You know the first thing to do don’t you?”

“Of course, get his signature!,” she smiled.
“You know how to get it don’t you?” Nimrod interjected.
“Yes, of course, I put on my innocent abroad act and get him to sign my new friend`s page in my Filofax !”

“Good,” Nimrod said loudly, “I am sure we can leave the rest up to you. He usually calls into the King’s Head on a Monday night, you can wait in the house and Yoav will let you know when he arrives. You can then dazzle him and us with your undoubted talents,” they both laughed loudly.

“So, Amit you are now free until Monday night, why don’t you enjoy the sights of London?
Yoav will meet you Monday, and go over the whole thing again, now you go and relax until Monday.” They parted company in separate directions. Amit smiled to herself, she looked forward to a few days of freedom.

Suddenly she started to speculate in her mind again, “I wonder if Nimrod is now of to brief someone else to be doing the same thing I will be doing, I wonder if he is briefing a dozen females to be doing what I will be doing???????”

Then she came to her senses and said to herself, “I have to stop thinking like this, I really must concentrate only on what I have to do!”

Monday 24th September 1984
One of Amit`s task was to take care of the housework. She really enjoyed this, she always put on her music, her favourite at this time was Shalamar, “Baby I can make you feel good” and did a bit if work then rested then started again, she is going through this routine when Yoav enters. She knew beforehand he would be here at 2.00pm she is not doing this to impress Yoav with her diligence.

At 2.00pm Yoav Hoffman rings the bell waits for 20 seconds then enters, she looks down the hall and greets him smilingly, “Hi Yoav I am busy doing the housework.”

“I knew you were, I could hear your Shalamar music halfway down the street,” they both laugh loudly she turns of the music.

“All set for tonight Amit?” Yoav laughingly inquires “Yep, Nimrod told me what is required the other day.”

"Just one thing to add,"  Yoav tells her, “This guy you are targeting, he comes from a background were many people are naturally sympathetic to Israel, you may not have to push things to hard.
When you go into the bar, go up to the counter and order a Pernod, OK”

She says “OK.” Amit does not drink and does not realise it is a sort of practical joke.
She assumes it must be a signal to some individual in the bar who is secretly shepherding her.

“Just before you say anything else Yoav, please do not ask me what I will be wearing, I know exactly what to wear, after all I am a woman!” He laughs heartily at this.

"Ok, when the guy arrives I will send the kid up to tell you it is time to go to work, wait 5 minutes then come down, OK?” “Yes” she says.

“I will leave you to it, we will probably meet up again tomorrow,” She embraces Yoav and he leaves.

Amit turns the music on again and relaxes she has lost interest in the housework. She looks at the time, and thinks I will take a lovely long bath, then I will make myself look beautiful to men.

Amit knew she was very attractive and had a good figure but she generally did not wear overtly provocative clothing unless it was for a specific task. Tonight was one of those specific tasks she thought to herself.

Yoav Hoffman bring a young man named Joel Lipman with him who had just arrived in London four weeks previously. They are dressed like many of the backpackers who are frequently seen in the Queensway area on a daily basis. They arrive at 6.00pm sit down at one of the King’s Head bar’s outside tables. Then Yoav goes into the bar and orders two cokes, his real task is to check the bar to make sure Craney has not arrived unusually early. He checks the toilets as well

Yoav comes out of the bar with the two cokes and sits down beside his young accomplice, it looks exactly like a normal Moscow Road scene. They are alone, it would not have mattered if strangers had joined them Hoffman could talk about any subject with anyone and still carry out his task without anyone realising what is going on. He just had this mysterious ability.
He engages his companion in small talk, “How have you enjoyed your last four weeks in London Joel? Have you met any nice girls?“

Joel says, “I have met one or two, been to the movies twice a week, went to a couple of Chelsea matches but mostly I have been in my hotel room watching TV. I was told to wait until Nimrod contacted me, he called last night and told me to meet you at Queensway tube station and told me to make sure I was dressed like backpacker. I have never been in this area before, I never realised it was such a busy place!”

Yoav is talking and listening to all this while watching for Craney at the same time. The young man does not even realise Yoav is watching for someone.

At 6.20pm Yoav spots Craney coming up the street he instructs his young accomplice to go to a certain house in Chapel Side. “Ring the bell and when the young woman opens the door, tell her, it is time to go to work, then come straight back here. Leave your backpack here, it will be safe with me.“

The young man obediently departs and rings the bell of the said house. Amit opens the door,

Joel’s eyes widen and his mouth falls open, she is beautiful to his sight. “It is time to go to work,” he says.

Amit says “Thanks” and closes the door.
She starts to giggle at the young man’s reaction when he saw her, then she stops as she realises she must report the details to Yoav the next day, it is clear the young man can be easily distracted by an attractive girl.

The young man returns and sits down beside Yoav, “Who is she?” he asks, “You do not need to know who she is” replies Yoav making a black mark against the kid in his mind.

After the appointed five minutes Amit confidently leaves the house and walks down toward the bar. She walks by the outside table where Yoav and the young man sit. Yoav appears oblivious to her but the young guy stares after her. Another black mental mark is made against him in Yoav`s head.

Amit duly enters in the King`s Head wearing eye catching skin-tight jeans but none of the chess players who are playing notice her. The ones who are not playing definitely do.

After giving Amit time to settle down in a seat Yoav gives the young man the money and tells him to buy two Shandies. The young guy orders the Shandies but while he is waiting for them he keeps staring over at Amit. Hoffman is watching him through the window, another black mark.
Tomorrow Nimrod will ask him about the young man’s attitude, Yoav will reply he thinks he would be better off in an inside office job.

When Joel comes back with the two Shandies, Yoav states, “When we finish these Shandies our job is done. I am going down to book into the Regent Palace hotel for the night, what are your plans Joel?”

Joel is very surprised, “I thought we would be hanging about here for a while? Is that it, is it all done?”
“Yep” replies Yoav tersely, “don’t be coming back here tonight, go to the movies or something, Nimrod will contact you again soon.” The two men left together getting the same tube to Piccadilly Circus.

Amit finds a seat where she can observe her target, he is unaware of her presence so far. His game finishes and he gets up from the table she acts instantly and approaches him. Amit taps him on the shoulder from behind when he turns around she says, “Please excuse me, could you do me a favour? Will you come and sit with me? I do not like being alone in a bar. It is only until my cousin arrives.”

“OK” smiles Craney and he goes with her to her table.
He notes she is drinking Pernod and says, “A young girl alone in a bar drinking Pernod will not be alone for too long, you would soon get plenty of company without asking!”

"Why is that?" She asks with a truly puzzled look on her face. “Oh, it is an old British custom, true gentlemen will usually look after a lonely girl who is drinking Pernod”

“I did not know that, I have learned something tonight,” she is very pleased about this newly acquired knowledge!

When the two sit down Amit retrieves a Filofax from her bag and reaches it to Craney. “I always get new friends to write down their names in my Filo, would you write your name please.
Craney quickly signed her Filofax, she took it back and started writing telling him, “I will fill in the location and date we met.”

As she puts the Filofax back into her bag she asks Craney, “Do you live in London or are you here on holiday?”

“I am living here at the minute, out in Ealing. I am not from London.” “Where are you from, Ireland?” Amit inquires doing her best to look really interested.

“No, I am from Northern Ireland,” is the stern response.”

“It is all Ireland to me,” smiles Amit, “It is like the UK, I just think of it all as England.”

Craney frowns at the girl, “The UK is made up of four countries, England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland plus the Isle of Man and Channel Islands.”

Amit shakes her head, “It is all to complicated for me, it is four countries but it is one country, I do not understand this, I like simple explanations.”

He retorts, “What is so difficult to understand? Israel is one country but it is made up of 13 tribes, you understand that don’t you, what is the difference?”

Amit looks at Craney seriously, “Most people say Israel is made up of 12 tribes yet you say 13?"  She pauses for a few seconds looking at the man then goes on, “My parents say my family is descended from King David,” and thinks to herself it is now time to move the conversation on.

“Probably everyone in Israel likes to think they are descended from King David!” Craney laughs.

She now directs the conversation in another direction “How do you come to be here? Have you been here long?”

Craney looks thoughtful and starts to answer her questions.
“I have been here for about three years. My cousin owned an electrical repair shop and he also sold electronic equipment. He was busy and asked me if I would like to come over and help him out. He let me live in the flat above the shop for free which is quite a bonus when you consider London rented accommodation.

He had been in the RAF and gained his electrical and electronic skills there. So I came over to see what it was liked and stayed for a while.

Amit butted in, “Where you in the military as well?”

“No” was the reply but nearly every family in the UK has a military connection of some sort. My cousin’s father had joined the RAF in WW2 so he was following in his father’s footsteps.

“Is your cousin from Northern Ireland too?” Amit asks another question.

“No he was English, though when I come to think of it I believe he was actually born in Singapore when his father was stationed there. However he looked and spoke and acted like an Englishman even though he had lived in Northern Ireland for a while.”

“So, let me get this straight,” Amit said an a very serious manner. “You are from Northern Ireland and you have English relatives, right?”

Craney nods, “Lots of people in the UK are intermingled. Englishmen marry Irish girls or Scots girls or Welsh girls or vice versa.”

“What is vice versa?” the girl puzzles. “It means the other way round” the man laughs.

“Does your cousin play chess?” Amit asks another question. “No, he is dead, he died from cancer about 18 months ago. His wife had no interest in the business, so she asked me if I want to but it. I did so because it would benefit me and benefit her.

My cousin was very popular, he had a good personality, like his father, a larger than life figure, I am still friendly with many of his friends. Though the business did fall away a bit when he died.”

“So, are you rich she eagerly asks?”
“No, I am not rich but I have a great deal of independence because I work for myself.”

“What about you, where are you from?” Craney now turns the conversation tables.
Amit says “I am from Haifa.”
Craney quickly replies "I thought you said you were from Netanya?"

She feels panic and turns slightly red, rapidly she replies, “Oh, I was born in Haifa my family then moved to Netanya.” She is starting to feel amazed at how quickly she can come up with an instant lie! 

She was not born in Haifa, she was not from Netanya and her name was not even Amit Kershner but she was never going to tell Craney this. She then starts to think this is fun being able to manipulate people this way.

“How come you are here Amit?“ Craney continues to question her.
“Oh, my relatives live here in Queensway, just up in Chapel Side. They are in Israel at the minute so I can stay in the house and mind it. Plus I get a nice free holiday out of the deal.”

“I suppose you have done your military service?” she is further asked.

“Yes, I have but it was not really military, I was in army but I was just doing secretarial work. Now I am preparing to go to University, this is my holiday before I begin my studies.”

“Oh is that related to the book you were reading the other night? The one I thought was about drugs?” Craney remembers.

“Yes, exactly,” the girl smilingly replies.

At this point Nimrod arrives at the table. Amit greets Nimrod with an embrace and introduces Craney to him.

Amit excitedly tells Nimrod about her newly acquired knowledge of British customs relating to Pernod and lonely females. He laughs out loud and says to Craney, “You can easily tell my cousin is an innocent abroad!”
She smiles though she has no idea what the two men are laughing about.

“David, try and guess what Nimrod does for a living, what do you think of him? Amit teases.

Craney looks studiously at Nimrod and starts to speculate “He is about about 32, he looks fit and athletic has probably been in the Israeli military. He is dressed you like a fairly prosperous businessman, I would guess he is a “security consultant of some kind.”

Nimrod and Amit both laugh, “Wrong,” she says, “He is a businessman he owns a small printing firm.”

“Nice” is Craney`s reply.

Craney looks over at the chess tables and sees a fellow chess player gesture to him to come and play, he says to Nimrod and Amit, “Now you have some company I will get back to the chess, I have just been challenged. Amit looks at Nimrod, Craney`s intended abrupt departure surprised her.

However Nimrod was well prepared, “We have a spare ticket for the theatre Saturday night, would you like it? A friend was supposed to go but he cannot make it, you can have the ticket for free”

“The theatre, what is it about?” Craney wants to know. Nimrod pulls the ticket out of his coat pocket saying, "It is a new play called, `The Rat In The Skull,` a few friends have recommended it. Why don’t you join us?”

Craney takes the ticket and looks at it, “Never heard of this,” he occasionally checked the theatre listings to see if anything which interested him was on. “Thanks very much for the ticket and invitation.”

“We will meet you outside the theatre on Saturday night then” Nimrod nods. Craney smiles saying, “Yes, I will look forward to it, I really must go now, my opponent is getting impatient.”

They watch him go over to the chess board and immediately start laughing with the man who gestured him over, the two men talk animatedly as they play but Nimrod and Amit cannot hear their conversation.

Amit admiringly looks at Nimrod declaring, “You handled that brilliantly, I never expected the theatre ticket invitation, now we have a nice Saturday evening to look forward to!”
He seems to think of everything was the thought in her mind.

“What makes you think you are going Amit?” Nimrod quickly retorts, she tuts and shakes her head in an exaggerated display of frustration.

After Craney leaves their company, Nimrod finishes his drink and he and Amit leave the bar, he walks up the street with her smiling to himself.
She notices this and it encourages her to say, “That all went well didn’t ?” He agrees, “It went very well, do you know what the secret of the success was?”
“What was it?” asks Amit eagerly, expecting to hear him say “the theatre tickets.”
It was the Pernod Nimrod sombrely says, Amit looks puzzled then states “The Old British custom you mean?”

“I need to tell you something Amit. Pernod is a drink which is viewed as a something which makes females sexually vulnerable, that is why Brit males are always eager to help out a girl they know is drinking Pernod. They will even be happy to buy it for you, all night if necessary!” Nimrod whispers all this information to her.

She looks shocked, “I thought it was a signal to a secret shepherd in the bar! So Yoav was playing a big trick on me! I will get even for that!”

Nimrod laughs heartily, “We will be calling for one of your beautiful dinners about 5:30, 6;00pm tomorrow night, I am sure you will take your chance then!"

“Just you wait and see!” she says as she storms of up the street toward the house.

“You are forgetting something Amit!” she stopped and looked round with a puzzled look, “The Filofax, you for got to give me the Filofax.”

Amit sheepishly retraces her steps and hands the Filofax containing Craney`s signature to Nimrod, then walks of without saying a word.
Nimrod laughs and says “Goodnight, sleep well,” he then sets of to his Marylebone apartment in George street.